Sunday, April 5, 2009

I'm blue

I'm not really "blue." Don't worry! We don't have cable television, so we have to watch conference online. That's fine except that I can't really sit still, watching my computer screen for two hours at a time. I needed something to keep me busy while I could listen to the messages. This was that something for this Sunday morning session. I really want to be a better painter and I really want to be able to paint portraits as I envision them. Ugh! Well, here was an attempt to keep things loose and simple. I should have stopped long ago, before crispifying the edges and adding too much detail. Now, the more I mess with it the worse it's getting, so here's where I stop.

Monochrome portrait study
Oil on canvas board


Avocaken said...

I understand about "messing" with a painting, esp a portrait or a likeness. UGH when to stop? How much is too much? BUT! I DO LIKE your "BLUE" a lot. Somehow, I think it would be particularly difficult to do a monochrome. (I haven't tried) I believe that you pulled it off very well. Now be nice to yourself and work on your next one. :-) :-) :-)

Ken B.

Chelsie Brady said...

Thank you for the comments, Ken! The monochrome idea was actually easier than trying to mix appropriate skin tone colors. I've tried that, too, with less luck. The cool shadows and warm tones of skin, not to mention the reflective quality, is all very difficult to capture for me. The portrait I've been working on for a while now just became quite flat because I couldn't get the right colors. That's the point of this monochrome exercise, although I'll need more practice! I'll get to it.

KC Photography said...

Chelsie...I love your skills! You are amazing. I can't even believe how much that looks like you...awesome. Someday when I get rich I might have you paint me something cool!

Natalie said...

Hey Chelsie! I'm so glad you found me on's been a while! Your paintings are amazing! You are so talented! I wish I could say something profound and artsy! Anyway, good to hear from you!

Natalie said...

John says..."Oh yeah! Chelsie, from Pocafellow!" hehehe
Remember when you ate the 8-layer-popcorn ball? (nasty!)