Sunday, May 18, 2008

Painting ruins clothes...

I have, this week, successfully gotten paint on three of my favorite shirts, a pair of pants, and my new white shirt. This is the hard stuff, too- oil paints. Thank goodness for SPRAY 'n WASH with RESOLVE POWER! And, it's a really good thing that the bottle has 36% more (30 oz. at the price of 22 oz.) Why 36%? Who knows... Anyhow, I- in the process of ruining my wardrobe- did a couple more paintings. I still don't really know what my style is or even what I'm doing, but I kinda like the messiness of these two.

Night Landscape
Oil on paper

The Crossing Guard
Oil on paper

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Acrylic painting....

I love dancers. I think they are so beautiful and graceful. Confession: I have always wished I had taken up dancing long ago. Well, since I am not a dancer I have to strive for the next best thing: painting a dancer. This was a pretty tough painting for me, although it appears to be so simple. I think it was difficult because I tried using acrylics entirely. I like the idea of painting the under layers in acrylic and finishing with oil, but I just stuck with the acrylics because I liked how it was turning out. Next time I think I will try to finish with oil- I just really like the texture of oils. Anyhow, here's the painting- oh, it's bigger than any other one also. It is 24 X 24, so HUGE for me!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day fun in Poky

So, we went to Pocatello on Friday night and spent some time with the fam for Mother's Day. Here are some awesome pictures from the weekend:

Lucy's tulips

This was Lucy's birthday card. I painted it the night before, so it's kinda thrown together, but besides that I didn't let it dry thoroughly before spraying it with varnish. Well, the varnish and the wet paint reacted poorly and caused some blotches. The colors are a little less vibrant than they should be also. Ah well.

I love Mike

That's all!