Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cast your vote...

I just barely figured out how to add a poll to my blog, so it's a little late. I'll just have to wait to tell you the news until all votes are in! We find out on Monday... 1.5 days away! I'm pretty excited to be able to call our little bun "he" or "she" rather than "it." While you're at it, perhaps you could leave a comment about some baby names associated with your vote. We're taking any and all suggestions, so help us out! Oh... I think baby's moving around- it's like butterflies or popping popcorn. Isn't pregnancy weird and awesome and exciting and... weird?! Okay, get to voting and suggesting. :)


Anonymous said...

kameron chase conner tucker tyrel alex or alexander


cameron tucker alex or alexander conner

Daisha said...

I think BOY!!! I love the names Jaxson, Ty, Zander and I am sure many others. That is all that is popping in my head right now for boys.

For girls...



Natalie said...

I voted boy. When our son was born I really wanted to name him Zane, and John really wanted Tristan. So those were our top two, that we couldn't agree on, so we went with Porter instead! So there are some ideas for you! For a girl...Paige, Kate, and Grace are my favs right now! Good Luck! How fun.

james and natalie said...

i voted girl. i can just see you with a tough little chick on your hands. some people commented that they like kameron for a boy (i think) i actually love the name kamryn for a girl. kamryn brady... it totally works. or i like gemma (i think you already said that was an option) and here's a fun one... bianca.
bianca brady. yes! :)
i can't wait to find out what you guys are having!!!

Torrie Smiley said...

I voted for girl! Because I have two I am biased.....

Name her something you don't mind screaming out the back door repeatedly telling her to put that down and get in the house~


Stella Grace

I am so excited for you, best wishes!

Torrie :)

Michael Brady said...

Turd Ferguson.

Love you, honey!