Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The new winner is...

I didn't get a response from jennifersaddress, so I picked a new winner. Again, please respond within about 48 hours so I know you are there. The number this time is 37, which means that (guess who!) my husband wins a painting. What are the odds?! Sorry, Mike, but you are ineligible. Besides, I'm working on your painting anyway. So, the new number is 26... This time the winner is The Davidsons! Yay, Megan! I think I might still have your address, but just email me and send it to me again anyway, if you don't mind! Do you want me to post which painting I'm sending, or do you want to be surprised when it comes in the mail?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

And the winner is...

First of all, I wanted to tell you how this person was chosen. Blogger put all of my followers into some order- I can't tell what order that is, but it is the same order each time. I went to random.org and had that site pick a number for me. I then counted down the list to the number chosen (which happened to be 42). It was all very random, so you all had the same chance at winning, except maybe my husband- I give him paintings all the time :)

jennifersaddress is the winner!!

There is no blog or site associated with this name, so jennifersaddress I need you to email me, or comment, letting me know that you are there. I also need your address to send you your painting. Please respond by Monday at 10:00 am Pacific time. I will post the painting that is being sent after I hear a response.

Thanks a bunch, you guys! Good luck next time! If you aren't a follower yet, click to become one. I will do giveaways like this periodically. But, you're only eligible if you are a follower!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have made 2 of these little cakes in the past couple of days. Two of my young women girls had birthdays this week. The first one was pink- light pink base with bright pink and green polka dots and a bright pink bow- and this one is white with two shades of green spots. I didn't get a picture of the pink one, regrettably. The green is fun, though, too. I am going to make Liam's birthday cake and needed to practice using and making fondant, as I've never even touched the stuff before now. I made a marshmallow fondant, which supposedly tastes better than the real stuff, and is about a million times cheaper. :) Cheaper is GOOD! I'm off to deliver this little cutie!

What up my 50 followers?!

It has happened! 50 followers, my baby is turning 1 (crazy!), it's my big sister's birthday, and I now get the Sunday paper with all sorts of great coupons! This is cause for celebration. Who wants a painting? Should it be a surprise as to which one I send, or do you want to know what you're getting? All you on my followers list will be eligible... I will let you know who it is tomorrow, August 27. Until then...

Monday, August 9, 2010


I don't know when voting began because I never received an email, but when I went to the Gerber site I could now vote for my munchkin. So, go here and vote if you want.

You can do a search for specific pictures by first name or entry number. His first name is, of course, Liam and his entry number is 49265

(You can vote once each day from the same computer, so vote every day if possible!)

Also... I now have 49 followers! One more and one of you lucky people will get a painting!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I have been vacationing and Art Committee-ing the past month or so, which is why I have not posted a new painting in a while. I have just completed 4- 5X7 acrylic paintings, though. I will get those posted in the next couple of days.

My sister took some photos of my family when we were there visiting. I did the photo editing and had a few favorites, which I've posted.

The main reason for this post, though, is to inform you that I just need 4 more followers and one of you will get a painting!