Monday, February 16, 2009

Our dear, sweet, Zeke...

I like the name Zeke for a boy. Mike, however, hates the name- as does most everyone else I've told. My mom, for instance, said she likes Mike more and more every time I talk to her because he will keep her grandson from being named Zeke. Another friend laughed and said, "it sounds like he'd have buck teeth and live in a trailer." Well, we're not going to name a son Zeke, mostly because what follows frightens me so bad. This is an email from the above friend:

Good choice on not naming your baby Zeke. I promise that he will look like this if you name him Zeke. Give my condolences to your sweet wife.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tiny portrait

I am donating this cute little thing to a children's hospital event. I have had this tiny canvas for a while just waiting to be covered in paint. I wanted to do something cute and sweet on it because that's just what it was demanding! Well, it just makes me smile and I'm excited to donate it to a good cause.

Tiny portrait
oil on canvas