Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bob's kids cont...

This is Bob's site. He's a very talented writer and an all around sharp dude! Thanks, Bob, for the kind words and joyful sentiment! I'm glad you like your painting. I'm excited for you to see it in person!

Everyone, Go here

Bob's kids

These are Bob's kids. I've had this painting done for a couple of weeks now, but I always seem to hesitate posting portraits that are supposed to look like certain people... especially someone's kids. Anyhow, I thought I better get it posted or I never would.

Bob's kids
10 X 10
Oil on hardboard

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

San Francisco Victorian

This is the latest challenge for the Different Strokes blog. I am still trying to get inspiration for painting lately, but I was going through painting withdrawals. So, I decided to give this one a try and hopefully get back into the joy of painting. I like, pretty well, how this turned out. I wish I were a better painter and knew exactly how to create the look I like. Ah well... maybe in time.

San Fran
oil on canvas

Friday, January 23, 2009

New business cards

I know, I know.... I haven't painted for WAY too long and you're tired of not seeing anything new on the ol' blog. I am hoping to get some painting in this weekend among the practicing and singing in church on Sunday, youth temple trip tomorrow, and work meetings on Monday (Mike, please help me remember these). Until then, though, feast your eyes on my new business cards! I LOVE them and I'm pretty proud of them. I designed them myself and sent the design off to get printed. They came out just how I wanted. I love the colors and the simplicity and the actual cards are a little bit glossy because they have a UV coating and I think they are fabulous! Tell me what you think, unless you hate them- because that would seriously burst my bubble...



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Need inspiration

I have been working on a couple of projects that I just can't seem to get right. I always seem to get to a point on a painting where I keep working on it, hoping to make it better. The more I mess with it, the less I like it. That is the struggle I have- I need to know how to lay down the paint perfectly the first time or else it just gets worse. Any suggestions?

I finished a triple portrait I started last week- one of the problem pieces. I was mostly working on values and tones, trying to make the faces look dimensional, while still keeping the likeness. I may have made a mess in the process. Not to mention the fact that I can't seem to get a good photo of it. Perhaps I will wait a few days for it to dry and scan it.

Many of you have probably heard our news- we're gonna have a baby! -and that helps (or hurts, I guess) in the area of not getting inspired. I have been very tired and queasy all day long and I can't seem to sit still long enough to really think about painting. My sense of smell is a little more heightened, too, so the paints themselves are kinda making me sick! Perhaps I will try a watercolor or something less stinky to try to get my inspiration back.

I have my first doctor's appointment on Monday, where I will hopefully find out when baby Brady will be due. I'll keep you posted on all that.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jenn and Ryan

I have really been into portraits lately and need more subjects to paint. I requested that friends send me photos of themselves, their kids, family members, friends, pets, anything- that request is valid here too. Send me photos that you think might make good paintings. If I end up painting it, you will see it here on my blog. I would love, especially, to paint children or drama. If you have anything, let me know. Jenn sent me a few photos from her wedding day. Here is the one I chose to paint. I started this on a bright red background (you can see bits of red shining through) so their skin turned out a little pinker than I was planning. I need to practice with different starting colors to find out what works when. Ah well.

Jenn and Ryan
4 1/4 X 7
Oil on wood panel

Thursday, January 1, 2009


This little cutie is the one and only Dallin. He's pretty awesome. At 7 months he weighs in at like 22 pounds, I think. He's a big ball of cute and we love playing with him. I'm very interested in doing portraits of all sorts- people, pets, plants, whatever! Hit me up if you'd like a portrait done.

Oil on wood panel

Speaking of plants, I got an awesome planting mechanism for my birthday called the AeroGarden. I planted my pods and turned the lights on at 6:30 pm on December 28th. To my excitement I now have little sprouts just peeking their way through the pod label. This thing is fun and easy and fits under the cupboards and I love it! Thanks fam for the awesomeness!