Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moab and limes

Here are a couple of recent paintings.

The first one is a painting I created for Mike's birthday. He loves Moab and we had the opportunity to go there a few weeks ago. It was a great time and we got a few neat shots I'd like to paint at some point. This is a picture of the huge red rock structures at the beginning of one of the first hikes in Arches Natl Park. I forgot the name of the hike, but it is a really neat area. So then, Mike and I were watching Indiana Jones 3 (Another birthday present for Mikey) and the very first shot of the show is this exact location in Moab! This was my first time watching the show, to my recollection, so I swear I didn't steal the shot from the movie. Anyhow, we paused the show, held up the painting, and noticed that the angle of the shadows and everything is the same. Pretty crazy! Anyhow, here's the painting.

14 X 11
Oil on canvas

This next painting is just a small simple guy that I did while talking to my sister, Whitney (check out her photography blog on the phone. I had these limes left over from homemade limeade. The one on the right has an abnormally bulbous belly button in real life, so I put it in there! I like the differing shapes and colors found in limes and all fruits for that matter. I think I'll paint more fruit- which means I get to eat more fruit! Mmm!

7 X 5
Oil on canvas

Friday, June 20, 2008


Here's the rejected painting of Scooter (the friend's dad's dog). I wanted to paint this one on a board. The board has two sides, though- smooth and rough- and, because I'm not experienced enough with all the different painting surfaces, I decided to paint the same painting on the two different textures and then decide which one was better. I really like the contemporary feel of the smooth side, but for this particular painting, the rough texture really added to the fluffy feel of the dog. Anyhow, this one's still cute, just a bit different than the finished product.

oil on board

Coming soon...

Mom, I swear I'm working on getting something up. I have been painting quite a bit lately. I did a dog portrait for a father's day gift from my friend at work (to her father). That was very poorly written. Let's try that again. My friend had me paint a portrait of her father's dog to give to him for father's day. Turns out that she liked it so much she had me also paint two little pictures of her daughter's dogs to give to her at a bridal shower. And, she wants one for herself also. So, in total there will be 4 little 5x5 doggie paintings around. However, I didn't get a picture of any of them. I will work on getting one to post. Oh, yeah! And- I did a painting of Moab for my wonderful husband's birthday. He loves Moab, and I love him, so I thought it would be appropriate! I'll post that one just as soon as I get it photographed.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Party boy Mike...

Okay all. Sorry I didn't have this up before sending out the email. Spread the word and come if you can!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another acrylic painting...

So, I'm out of my favorite color of oil paint and I didn't want to stink up the house since I already have a massive headache, so I decided to whip out the acrylics for a small simple one. These flowers are in our bedroom and I love the color. I also really like the vase that they are in. Maybe some day I'll highlight the vase instead of the shadows! I did like the shadows in this photo, though the overall composition might need some work. Anyhow, this is just a quick little ditty for this Sunday evening.

8x6 acrylic on canvas