Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mmmm!.... Multnomah Falls

Mike and I had the opportunity to go to Portland, OR over Easter weekend. We had a wonderful, exhausting time looking around at the city, navigating through the foreign streets, and spending time with wonderful family. We flew using Mike's mom's flight benefits and got there just fine. When it came time to come back home, however, we found out that there was zero percent chance of getting on the flight because Portland State University (my future alma mater) had just started their Spring Break. We had only two options: buy a full priced ticket or rent a car and make the twelve hour voyage. After some deliberation we got our bag back and loaded it and our other junk in the rented Chevy Malibu to begin our journey.

We were fairly unprepared for the beauty which we would soon behold along the way. After speaking with my mom about our newly decided adventure, and due to her suggestion, we stopped at a bit of heaven known as Multnomah Falls. It seemed to be just outside of Portland, though it was probably more like an hour or so outside Portland.

So, here are some favorite pictures from our short stay at the falls:

Yay for Portland! And- I love my Mike! To see more from our Portland trip go to his blog.

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