Saturday, April 5, 2008

Painting and other pleasures

I want to tell you a story about my wonderful life/ husband...

This week has been kind of a blah week for me and, I think, Mike as well. On Wednesday, at work, I kept missing calls from a number that I didn't recognize. I finally was able to answer on the fourth-ish time. It was Mike! He said, "I didn't want to leave this in a message because I'm shy, but I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date with me tonight." Of course I said yes and wondered what was going on. He then proceeded to ask me what time would be best and that we would be going somewhere a little fancier than normal. He didn't break into husband mode at all and ended with, "well, I'll pick you up at 6:45. I am really looking forward to seeing you tonight."

I went home after work and changed my clothes and got ready for my big date! At 6:45 on the dot the doorbell rang. I answered it and Mike was standing there with a bouquet of roses! They were really beautiful light roses with bright red tips. They really make a handsome addition to our table! We went on our date and had a wonderful night. I love Mike so much for those little things he does to help me know that he cares. I love my roses so much that I painted a picture using a few of them. Following is the painting. What shall I call it?

4X7.25 Oil on paper
Chelsie Brady

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