Saturday, September 18, 2010

A painting

I just did this painting for my grandma. My dad took some photos of some hummingbirds a while ago. My grandma wanted one made into a painting. I used a couple of the photos, changed some composition, and ended up with this. The photo looks terrible, though. It's all washed out and glared. Liam is up now, though, so I can't try to take a better photo yet. I may try to take a different photo of it before shipping it off, but this is what you get for now.

As I'm staring at it on the computer screen I see lots that needs to be reworked- like the whole background. So, I guess this is take one of the hummingbird painting. Check back for the update. Ugh... maybe I shouldn't post this at all yet. Ah well. Here goes. Just remember that it looks better in person anyway, but it will be completely redone later and look a thousand times better still.

oil on canvas board

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nanadover said...

You are much to hard on yourself Chelsie! I am very impressed with that hummingbird. It is beautiful!