Monday, September 13, 2010

I don't think you've seen this painting...

I would like to rework it. When I did it I was on a "I-want-to-try-to-use-a-palette-knife" kick. I just used the knife instead of a brush without knowing what I was doing. I think the knife is great and provides great texture when used correctly. Since I still don't know how to use it correctly I don't do a lot with it. I do love to see paintings which appear to have been slathered in paint with a knife, such as here and here.

Anyway, here is my first attempt at this technique. It will be in a show starting at the end of September called Urban Landscapes. It is a triptych rendition of Salt Lake City.

SLC Triptych
oil on board

This drawing
Night Lights
graphite drawing

and two paintings, this one

Shadow stroll
oil on board

and another, that I don't have an image of yet, will also be in the show.

I will, hopefully, have some new stuff to show you in the next few days. I just made 2 card sets with envelopes and matching boxes for a couple of birthday gifts. I didn't get pictures of those, though, so I'll have to make another just to show you! I would really like to sell cards, I think. I love to make them and try new things. Perhaps I will set up my etsy shop again and post some cards, just to see how they are received. Until then, if you need invitations, cards, or other paper crafts, let me know! My prices are great! :)

I also have at least 2 paintings to start and one that is half way finished. In related news, Liam won't take naps anymore. He has been skipping his morning nap and finally going down at about 4 in the afternoon. He then sleeps for an hour or 2 at best. This is the reason I've not gotten any painting done recently. I painted my bathroom and spare room, though... does that count?!


jaredandgina said...

Hey I recognize that middle one! Reminds of the good old days and the fun times we had! How are you my friend?

Ann Marie said...

Love that Shadow Stroll painting. Would you consider doing a card of that?