Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday stuff

I had to take Mike to the airport again this morning. I was supposed to do the lesson for YW and I prepared so much! I made the cutest little planner books for the girls with a reminder of how to stay stress free. The lesson was on avoiding crisis living- basically taking control of life through time management and organization. Anyhow, during Sunday School the bishop told everyone to go home because it snowed and the roads were getting pretty icy. This is the first snow of the year. Portland just isn't prepared for snow because it rarely happens, so any little bit really shuts down the town. So, I didn't get to give my lesson, I didn't get to give the girls their cute planners, and I had to come home to my empty, husbandless house. I'm working on a painting, though, so I did some more on that when I got home. I also need to finish crocheting some fingerless gloves for the girls for Christmas presents. They are also super cute, BTW! Check the pictures below. Hopefully I will finish my latest painting today so I can post it here as well. That would be swell!


Anna and Cody said...

look at you go! i love the little journals AND the gloves! isn't it crazy about the snow?? when we moved to oregon we laughed because nobody knew how to drive in the snow, and when we moved to california we laughed because nobody knew how to drive in the rain! :)

Michael Brady said...

saucy and sassy!