Saturday, October 11, 2008


My awesomely brilliant and oh-so-loving husband has created a website for me and my art. Check it out here. I think it is still in the works, but you will be able to view my work, see which ones have sold, purchase a painting, submit photos for commissioned works, email me directly, and be up to date on all things my art! You should go to the site and tell me/ Mike what you think.


james and natalie said...

i LOVE the website! I loved being able to just look at all your paintings laid out right in front of me! how much are you selling them for? or are they individually priced? I love the oil paintings. I especially love "catching up" and "cross guard" (i think is what it was called??). I'm a fan of paintings that include people doing everyday things. wow. i'm seriously impressed with it! and props to mike for making it all so accessible and cool looking. you are both very talented and i feel cool that i'm friends with you. we miss you guys!

Michael Brady said...

natalie! she's so nice!