Monday, November 1, 2010

Sorry it's been so long.

I got the Davidsons' painting shipped off and never showed you which one they won. You may remember the giveaway I did for my followers... I gave away my beloved teapot painting. Thanks for all who have followed my blog. I will, for sure, do another giveaway sometime. So, get on my followers list. Only followers are eligible to win.

Little teapot
oil on canvas board

I have been super busy lately. I have done some painting, some crafting, some sewing, some drawing... all sorts of artistic things. I have gotten some photos of the things I've been working on, but others I failed to document.

This was my mom's birthday present. I haven't posted it until now because it is a total copy of another artist's work and I didn't want to take the credit. So, most of the paintings that you see on this blog can be made into a print if you'd like except this one. I will not be selling copies of this.
Pears and Grapes for Mom
oil on board

While I'm talking about prints- head on over to Fine Art America and order your fine art prints. I am working on offering all of my paintings as prints as well as greeting cards. If you would like something that is not yet on my site, let me know. I can also get prints done independent of FAA and would be happy to do some design work for you.

Anyway, back to the updates:

We have some wonderful friends who just moved far far away. Mike and I have really grown attached to this family and will really miss them. I painted this painting for them for their new home in Ephraim, Utah. It is the Manti temple.

oil on canvas

I also gave him 10 small drawings of each of the girls that I have worked with over the past couple of years. They are just their faces 4X5, then I made them into a little book. I had each of the girls write a little letter or testimony on a card and put it all in a little box. I hope it can be a reminder of these sweet girls. I wish the best of luck to the Nielson family.

I have also been doing some photo editing for my sister, Whitney. This photo was taken at the pumpkin patch (which is another reason we've been busy- Halloween. More on that to come) by me and edited also by me. Whitney takes great photos and I help with some of the editing. Check out her site and book your session today!

I have also been busy with Halloween. I made both Liam and my costume. I was Cleopatra and Liam was Nacho Libre. We had a fun party to go to on Friday and I was working like a crazy person on the temple painting, the drawings, and these two costumes all at the same time. Whew! I got it all done, though, and everything turned out just fine. :) My head piece is a little wonky. It is supposed to have beads coming down over my hair, but Liam got a hold of it and tore off all the beads. That's okay, Little Nacho. I forgive you. Oh yeah, and he had a mask, but wouldn't even let us get it close to his face, let alone wear it. Ah well.

And, of course, there was some pumpkin carving and Halloween baking going on. For the party I made some yummy cake balls on skewers. I dipped them in chocolate and added candy corn and orange sprinkles. They were pretty cute and I think they tasted pretty good. And here's our jack-o-lantern that we used as a decoration at the party.

I have done some card making in the past little while, too. And, I've been working on some Art Committee stuff. I have a show coming up in January that I'm pretty excited about! I'm telling you- I've been quite busy doing stuff. I have kind of neglected this bloggity blog, though. I will work on that. Happy Halloween, everyone!

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