Thursday, March 11, 2010

What has kept me busy lately?

Baby stuff:

Next door neighbor had a baby boy, so I made a quilt and burp rags.

(The presentation is the best part! I love seeing these blankies folded up and tied with a bit of scrap fabric.)

Good friend is having a girl, so I made another quilt, 2 changing pads with covers, a blanket, and acrylic painting. I only have a picture of the quilt.

Another good friend is also having a girl. I am helping with the baby shower, so I made these invitations. I also just finished her quilt. I will be making some muffins for the shower and some fun shower games also.

Church stuff:

The YW had their camp fundraiser this week. That is always a big job. I failed to document this event with pictures, but know that it went well. Everyone seemed to have fun and they made a good amount of money.

Art stuff:

The temple painting from the last post was during the past few weeks. I also have curated a show and had my sunflower painting in that show. I will be starting a new painting to put in the All That Jazz show coming up. I also want to do more daily painting to participate in some online painting challenges. I fixed a drawing for a friend over the last couple of weeks as well. I'm telling you, I really have been busy! I wish I had photographic evidence.

The biggest reason I've been so busy:

This kid just keeps growing up. He turned 6 months on March 5... 6 months!


Anna and Cody said...

Love the colors of the first quilt especially! I'm impressed you find the time to do all of this with your growing boy! Good job mama!

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Ange said...

Wow! You are an extraordinarily talented individual.