Monday, March 8, 2010

IF temple

I painted this for a friend. I originally wanted to do it on gallery wrapped canvas, so she wouldn't have to frame it to hang it. Well, I couldn't find canvas in the size we talked about, so I did it on canvas board and made this frame for it to be able to hang it on the wall. I am pretty pleased with how it all came out. I love the frame, actually. The painting is from a photo that my wildly talented sister took. I hope I did it justice. I wanted the temple to kind of be in the background and make the landscape the focal point. I hope my friend likes it! Actually, I hope she loves it. I hope everyone who has any of my art loves it!



this is gorgeous chels i have been looking for a churchy picture for my walls (that reminds us all of what we need to remember) have any ideas

KC Photography said...'re AMAZING!!! How are things going for you?

♥ Kira