Saturday, August 22, 2009

38 weeks (almost)

Okay... officially 37 weeks and 5 days, but we're coming right along. Had a baby shower today and got some really cute things! Thanks to everyone involved- you are all so great! Afterward, we picked up a few items we were still needing and I think we are mostly ready for Liam to arrive. (Well, ready with stuff for him- not ready emotionally. I don't think I'll ever be "not freaked out.") Then, tonight, a couple of friends came over and helped me "nest." It's fun to organize baby stuff!

My mom was wanting to see the latest belly shot, but Mike wasn't home to take the picture. So, here are a couple of myspace-style baby belly shots...

Not really sure what the deal is with the point. It's kind of a weird shape. Ah well. Oh, AND... you can see the awesomely BLUE bathroom. No, we didn't choose that color- we actually don't use this bathroom much because we have to fix the fiberglass in the shower. Some day it will be pretty and not... smurfy.

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Jared and Caitlin said...

That is a smurfy bathroom! I wonder sometimes why people pick the colors they do.

You are such a cute prego lady!