Friday, January 23, 2009

New business cards

I know, I know.... I haven't painted for WAY too long and you're tired of not seeing anything new on the ol' blog. I am hoping to get some painting in this weekend among the practicing and singing in church on Sunday, youth temple trip tomorrow, and work meetings on Monday (Mike, please help me remember these). Until then, though, feast your eyes on my new business cards! I LOVE them and I'm pretty proud of them. I designed them myself and sent the design off to get printed. They came out just how I wanted. I love the colors and the simplicity and the actual cards are a little bit glossy because they have a UV coating and I think they are fabulous! Tell me what you think, unless you hate them- because that would seriously burst my bubble...




Michael Brady said...

love 'em! but you knew that.

Whitney's Photography said...

Of course I love them!! I really do love the simplicity and the fine lines on them!! Colors are awesome too!! Good job