Friday, January 2, 2009

Jenn and Ryan

I have really been into portraits lately and need more subjects to paint. I requested that friends send me photos of themselves, their kids, family members, friends, pets, anything- that request is valid here too. Send me photos that you think might make good paintings. If I end up painting it, you will see it here on my blog. I would love, especially, to paint children or drama. If you have anything, let me know. Jenn sent me a few photos from her wedding day. Here is the one I chose to paint. I started this on a bright red background (you can see bits of red shining through) so their skin turned out a little pinker than I was planning. I need to practice with different starting colors to find out what works when. Ah well.

Jenn and Ryan
4 1/4 X 7
Oil on wood panel

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