Sunday, September 21, 2008


Boy, oh boy! I have a special treat for you tonight! I don't do portraits- they scare me- but I did two tonight! Well, I did one last night and finished tonight then did the second one. I did them completely different from each other so please comment and tell me which painting style you prefer. Also, I am wondering about the background colors. If you think either one should be changed let me know that also.

Okay, meet Peyton.

She is 18 months old and completely chock full of personality! She has captivating blue eyes which are even brighter against her ruddy complexion and copper hair. Her sister gave her the nickname Pey Pey, so that is what we call her.

Pey Pey
6 X 6
Oil on board

Now here's Saige.

We've been calling her Saiger Macaroni for as long as I can remember. In fact, we ask her what her full name is and she responds, "Saiger Macaroni Curzon." Her middle name is really MaRee, but we love our little macaroni. She is all girl- loves to dance and sing and loves her shoes! She has long eye lashes and super red lips naturally. She's adorable.
Saiger Macaroni
6 X 6
Oil on board

check out the photos of these little darlings at


Michael Brady said...

where's pae pae's faux hawk? gosh i love ya.

Jessie said...

HI Chelsie! So I just had to tell you that I've been stalking your blog for a little while, and I LOVE checking to see what new paintings you have on your site! I'm honestly impressed! I've been struggling with getting back into a frequent art routine and I struggle even more with wanting to share my art with others, so I wanted to let you know that you have inspired me...

I hope you and Mike are doing well!

dominique eichi said...

I'm one of the Different folks from K. Jurick's blog.
I really like The blue eyes girl. I like the background you gave her it complement the eyes. The skin is well done too.
For the other portrait. The light in the eyes is a bit different so she looks a little cross eyed and I can't tell what is happening with her hair.
Down below you have a lovely red box with dots the highlights on it makes it sing.
Very good job. Keep doing portraits !!

Chelsie Brady said...

Jessie, thanks for commenting! I want to see some of your art- I forgot that you are an artist. Thanks for your kind words. Thanks for stalking- please come back often.

Dominique- Thank you for your comments. I will rework the eyes on Saige. Her hair was done up with a poof on top and two pig tails on the side. She is wearing a coat with fur on the hood, so her hair and hood kind of blend together. The real painting is much easier to decipher, though. She's a little cutie. I checked out your blog, too. Very nice. I will come to it more often. I love this Different Strokes thing to get more familiar with other artists.

Kari Tirrell said...

Hi Chelsie, Thank you for your comment on my blog! I had to come check out yours, of course! I don't understand why you call yourself a pseudo artist. You have some lovely work. And your portraits are off to a great start!