Sunday, September 14, 2008

Janae's birthday

Today was Janae's birthday. Being the awesome family that they are, the Howards (Janae's parents) invited us over for birthday celebrations including delicious food and cheesecake. There was no passing that up! It was awesome and I hope Janae had a wonderful birthday. I took Janae this little painting of a birthday present. You all know how I've been into painting presents lately. Her favorite color is green and I thought this was pretty cute. I used acrylic this time because I needed it to dry quickly. But it ended up being more difficult to maneuver with my too big paintbrushes than I was anticipating, so it's not quite as detailed as some of the others. Oh, and- I took the picture a little crooked, so it just looks like the present is a little cock-eyed. Nonetheless, this one's a keeper!

For Janae
5 X 3
Acrylic on board


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james and natalie said...

wow. when i first pulled up your blog i thought i was looking at a picture of an actual really cute present. you are seriously gifted. oh and just so you know... my favorite color is midnight blue and my birthday is march 16th. ;)