Monday, August 25, 2008

Portland, Paintings, Portfolio, Pies, and Presents

I have quite a bit to catch up on. We made it to Portland, but in the process, had to leave behind my Hal. Luckily, though, Mike's brother helped us drive to meet up with my parents, who helped drive and unpack when we got here (thanks guys!), and he agreed to take Hal to his wife to care for and love.

We made the trek in 2 days, stopping in Pendleton after something like 11 hours of driving. Sunday, August 10, was our 1st anniversary and we spent it waking up in a bed and breakfast in Pendleton, Oregon, attending a sacrament meeting with some really nice Pendleton folk, eating year old cake at a gas station on the way out of town, driving a few more hours, and watching the olympics at the Howards. Oh, and Mike fell asleep early on Jocelyn's bed and I fell asleep on the couch watching olympics, so our 1st anniversary was super romantic!

Well, my parents and I had a fabulous next couple of days picking blueberries and driving around aimlessly in our new neighborhood. We found our way to the grocery store, steak house, The Home Depot, the outlet stores, a delicious downtown bakery, and even back home! We only needed the GPS once, or twice maybe. They left and I was seriously alone. Mike had to work, in fact he was an hour away in Salem and I was left to navigate myself around town and to sit at home in 102 degree weather (which was probably cooler than the inside of our 2nd floor apartment). I made it through the loneliness though- only because I call my mom like 3 times a day! Sorry about that, ma. It'll get better, I'm sure.

Since we got here I have been preparing to meet with a potential employer by putting together a portfolio of all my arty stuff. I've gone through feelings of inadequacy, frustration, nervousness, fright, back to inadequacy for a while this time, and finally hope. I sure hope this all works out and my portfolio helps me get some job. I've applied for some other jobs, too, but haven't heard anything back from any of them. It's odd to me that most jobs have to be applied for online. That poses another problem since we don't have internet at our house yet. That's one of the other reasons I haven't posted in a while. Lucky for me the library has wi-fi and so does the institute, which is where I am now. All the little single kids going to FHE, I assume, keep looking at me like I'm strange. I guess I AM in my car, blasting my jazz music, and typing on my computer that's leaned against my steering wheel. I might look at someone like they're strange, too, if given the chance!

With all the time I've had I have ridden my bike a few times, went running, considered swimming at the apartment pool (I don't know about that), watched the first Star Wars, and painted a lot! Whitney's birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to paint something. I tried to do so during my inadequacy time, so that didn't go well. I tried again during my hopeful time and ended up with a lot of extra effort and desire to paint. I have been wanting to paint pictures of the pretty wrapping from a couple of gifts I got from some really great friends before we left. So, I got all my stuff together and sat down and did it! This is what I ended up with:

Then, I liked how that turned out, so I did another one. I obviously don't have the wrapping paper anymore, but I thought it looked fine to just put the embellishments on the silver box. By the way, I didn't plan on them turning out to be the same coloring, but whatever:

Then, I found a little ring box and some cute polka dot ribbon and did this guy (I think this is Mike's favorite.)

We went to dinner at some family's house last night and I made a pie with some of the blueberries we picked and some strawberries we got also when the parents were here and it turned out so delicious! I want more pie! Anyhow, when we got home I wanted to paint some more, so I did some touch up work on little polka dot man and then did this one. I think it might be my favorite so far. I think it's maybe painted best or I like the colors or something, but here ya go:

This morning I painted one more, but he's still drying, then he'll get a glossy finish, and then I'll photograph him and post him with the rest. So, there are 5 so far, but I'm hoping to make the present idea an ongoing project.

All in all we are doing really well in our new home, but we miss all of our friends and family. You are all welcome to come visit any time! :) Feel free, also, to send us emails and pictures to keep us updated on your lives.

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Michael Brady said...

i would like to add that we miss cafe rio.