Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moab and limes

Here are a couple of recent paintings.

The first one is a painting I created for Mike's birthday. He loves Moab and we had the opportunity to go there a few weeks ago. It was a great time and we got a few neat shots I'd like to paint at some point. This is a picture of the huge red rock structures at the beginning of one of the first hikes in Arches Natl Park. I forgot the name of the hike, but it is a really neat area. So then, Mike and I were watching Indiana Jones 3 (Another birthday present for Mikey) and the very first shot of the show is this exact location in Moab! This was my first time watching the show, to my recollection, so I swear I didn't steal the shot from the movie. Anyhow, we paused the show, held up the painting, and noticed that the angle of the shadows and everything is the same. Pretty crazy! Anyhow, here's the painting.

14 X 11
Oil on canvas

This next painting is just a small simple guy that I did while talking to my sister, Whitney (check out her photography blog on the phone. I had these limes left over from homemade limeade. The one on the right has an abnormally bulbous belly button in real life, so I put it in there! I like the differing shapes and colors found in limes and all fruits for that matter. I think I'll paint more fruit- which means I get to eat more fruit! Mmm!

7 X 5
Oil on canvas


Michael Brady said...

I love your talent so much!

Whitney said...

I am so impressed with your talents! I can't wait to see tons more, and I am excited to see moms big painting. You better get on that! Speaking of big paintings, did you take a picture of that on you did for Erin? I would love to see it!!! Love ya! Whit

Teana Shimakonis said...

I love the Moab one!