Thursday, July 21, 2011

Have you heard?

I think most of the people that read this blog anymore also read our family blog so you probably know. There is an obvious lack of arting going on around these parts and this is the reason:

Yes, you see 2! We will be having TWINS sometime around the new year. The due date is Jan. 16, but twins usually come 3 weeks early, putting them here around Christmas. It will be one busy holiday season for the ever- growing Brady bunch!

Our new artistic focus has been trying to fit 3 car seats in our cars, so we don't have to buy a new van. I have been sleeping a bit and eating a bit more. I haven't felt well and I still have to run around after our #1. The house has never looked more "lived in," I haven't been couponing in weeks, I'm lucky if I get Liam dressed- let alone myself- in a day. I think I am starting to feel better, though, which means I can start doing more projects. For a while, though, I think they will be all about babies! :) You have been warned! If blankies, burp cloths, and ruffle bums aren't your thing, I'd suggest staying away for about 6 months!

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