Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On the easel (er, newspaper)

I got about 30 minutes of painting time yesterday at the end of Little Man's nap. I have this commission piece in the works. I love doing pet portraits! This one is coming along immensely (he he! I think only Mike will get that). I'm wondering- from artists or pseudo artists like myself- what do you like to paint on? Traditional canvas? Boards? Glass? Something crazy and unconventional? This painting is done on board, which I have grown quite fond of painting on. I like how the paint just glides across the surface. For me, canvas is a bit too textured. There are some paintings, though, that I think look better on canvas than on board. Is it cheap to paint on board? Would you feel cheated if your original oil painting isn't on canvas? Does the surface really matter?

Anyway, here's the progress of this little pooch.

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