Friday, February 12, 2010


I did a lot of the challenges on the Different Strokes From Different Folks blog over the past year and a half-ish. Until further notice, that blog is being dissolved and others are popping up to satisfy our artistic desires. I participated in the portrait exchange challenge both years. This year, as a thank you to the blog coordinator (Karin Jurick), several of us participated in a special challenge for Karin. 118 of the 180 artists who did the portrait challenge painted or drew or otherwise created a work of art using Karin's photo. Jill Polsby compiled them all into a very nice book, which was then sent to Karin. Well, this has been a couple of month- long process and was kept a surprise for all this time. The time has finally come, though, that we can reveal our paintings! Go here to see all of the submissions.

oil on balsa wood


jyothisethu said...

very good pictures....

Marlene said...

When I click on the orange 'here' it takes me to Picasa pics and it says "oops....there's nothing to see here. Either you do not have access to these photos, or they don't exist at this web address."
Any ideas? Is it just me?

Chelsie Brady said...

The lady who put them all together edited them a while ago and that must have changed something in the address. I updated it, though, so try again. Hopefully it will work now. Let me know.